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  • Relieve stress and anxiety?
  • Save time and money?
  • Get through with less turmoil?
  • Understand what may be happening to you and give you the best options on how to deal with it?
  • Do what is best for your children?
  • Minimize the impacts on your children, YOU and your former partner.
  • Dispel myths associated with separation/divorce?

Welcome to
Separate Well!

This website is about love, love for our children. Since 2006 Eric and Pete have been working together and working with parents to build better relationships with each other and with their children.
Love for your children and the right of your children to love both their parents is at the centre of all the work that we do at Separate Well.

If your response to your children in separation is "I love my children I just want to spend time with them", then you are in the right place. This site is for you as it is focused on maintaining or developing amicability in your parenting relationships.

We believe that "confrontation" does not have to be aggressive. If things need to be raised we need the tools to be able to do that. On this website you will find the tools that give you the means to allow you to move forward.

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Separate Well or Separation Hell
This book has been written for those of us in separation, who really want the best for our kids.
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